Workday EXTEND


Overview :

Workday Extend gives us more control. We can make custom apps using different Workday resources like HR and finance. These apps keep the Workday look. We can use our favorite tools and languages to build them. They’ll still have access to Workday’s features. With Workday Extend, We can talk between users, bots, and the app easily. Plus, these apps stay safe even with updates.

Workday Extend - i8cloud

Workday Extend allows us :

  • Read/write Workday data via REST APIs, including human resources, financial, student, payroll, and more.
  • Build apps that have the Workday look-and-feel.
  • Build external apps that use the platform services but are built using languages, tools and frameworks of our choice.
  • Build feature-rich apps using the platform’s presentation, data, conversation services, and more.
  • Data services like Workday Query Language (WQL) that allow you another means to read Workday data.
  • Conversation services that enable communication between the users, a bot, and the Workday app.
  • Create apps that use the Workday organizational and security models.
  • Build apps that are “update safe.”

Workday Extend Services :

Workday Extend provides many tools and services that we can use when building apps. One category of services is named Presentation Services (PS). Apps that use Presentation Services:

  • Are created using the Workday Extend plug-in for IntelliJ.
  • Have pages and metadata that are defined using JSON.
  • Make REST API calls to read and write Workday and non-Workday data.
  • Run in the same Workday Client as the core Workday app.

Types Of Apps we can create using Workday Extend : 

  1. Custom apps
    • Use Workday Extend Presentation Services in order to build the User Interface (UI).
    • Use the many REST APIs provided by the platform for reading and writing Workday data, i.e. Workers, Expenses, etc.

2. Custom apps with external data are the same as custom apps but include the ability to read and write non-Workday data using REST APIs.

3. External apps

    • Are written with any Integrated Development Environment (IDE), and can use languages like Java, JavaScript, Python, C#, etc.
    • Can read and write data using both Workday REST APIs and external REST APIs.
    • Could be a desktop app, a web app, or run on a mobile device.

Workday Extend App Architecture :

The graphic represents the app architecture of Workday Extend.

  • Both custom and external apps are represented.
  • The platform has a service known as the API Gateway.
    • Simplifies authentication and routing for apps.
    • Runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
  • The box with the Workday logo at the top represents what is running within Workday. The main service is Presentation Services, which:
    • Allows you to create apps that look and function like the delivered Workday app.
    • Interface, through REST APIs, with the Workday Object Management Server (OMS), to read/write Workday data.
    • Can access external, third-party data using REST web services.
    • Runs your custom apps within the Workday Client.
  • You have access to other platform services like Data Services, where you can:
    • Read Workday data using the Workday Query Language.
    • Read Workday data using the Reports as a Service API.
  • Developers can create external apps that:
    • Run in many different devices
    • Do not use the Workday Client.
    • Flow through AWS and then through the Workday Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which we use for inbound and outbound web service processing.

What is Workday Orchestrate :


This is a powerful, proven, enterprise grade interoperability and integration tool that can be used to create custom integrations as well as unlock new custom integration patterns.

This is based on a brand new highly performant architecture that requires no IDE to download and create Orchestrations. Simply log in to the Workday Developer Site and start building. This is designed to be a highly productive, lower-code experience, with drag and drop nodes for rapid development and fast iterations.


Unlock Workday Success: Discover the Power of Workday Services

To optimize your Workday and propel your business forward, it’s crucial to leverage the power of Workday Services. These services encompass a range of solutions that empower organizations across various functional areas, including HCM, Payroll, Benefits, Talent, FINS, Integrations and more.

i8CLOUD is a leading Workday services provider which has now helped number of large, medium and small enterprises streamline their Workday. We have experience implementing all Workday modules and in depth integration experience with major global vendors. 

Our list of customers includes so of the leading global organizations and we are also preferred vendors for multiple partner firms.

Workday and its Services: An Overview

Workday is a leading provider of enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. The platform offers a suite of integrated applications that enable organizations to effectively manage their workforce, finances, and planning. Workday’s core focus is on human capital management (HCM), providing companies with a centralized system to handle various HR functions.

Workday: i8cloud

Ideal for Businesses of Any Scale :-

Financial Management

Accounting, payables, receivables, cash and asset management, auditing, analytics, reporting, and more.

Human Capital Management

HR, employee experience, help, knowledge and case management, planning, compensation and benefits.

Workday Adaptive Planning​

Financial, workforce, sales, and operational planning, as well as analytics for the entire enterprise.

Spend Management

Expenses, procure-to-pay, strategic sourcing, and inventory management.

Talent Management

Talent acquisition, learning, and performance optimization.

Payroll Management

Scheduling, time and attendance, absence management, and payroll.

Analytics and Reporting

Financial, workforce, and operational analytics; benchmarking; and data management.


Admissions, financial aid, student records, advising, and more.

Professional Services Automation

Project and resource management, billing, time tracking, expenses, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Does i8CLOUD support all major Workday modules?

A: Our comprehensive support covers all major modules such as HCM, Benefits, Payroll, Time Tracking, Absence, Integrations, and Recruiting. Our team comprises a blend of certified and experienced consultants who have worked with partner firms and have led HR transformation initiatives from the customer’s perspective.

Q: Can you provide onshore/offshore coverage?

A: Certainly! We have a skilled team of consultants located in India, the US, Australia, and the UK who are equipped to fulfill all your Workday needs. Our offshore team provides support during the time window of 8 AM – 1 PM EST, ensuring sufficient overlap with our customers’ working hours.. 

Q: Does i8CLOUD offers Pay-As-You-Go service?

A: Yes we do. We only charge for the hours billed and there is no minimum hours committment required.


Author: I8CLOUD Consulting