Workday: Talent and Performance  

What is Talent and Performance in workday?

Workday Talent & Performance is a key feature that simplifies talent management within the Workday platform. It allows organizations to assess employee skills and capacities to ensure they have the right people for current and future business needs. This assessment involves analyzing employee goals, competencies, and relevant business questions, with input from employees, managers, and additional reviewers and the result is the creation of an Employee Review form accessible at each worker’s profile under performance tab. This form helps to track progress, identify strengths, and set development goals.
Overall, Workday Talent & Performance helps companies align their talent strategies with their business goals effectively.

The four key points of Workday Talent to pay attention to:

  • Competencies
  • Talent Reviews
  • Calibration
  • Succession Planning


TASK- Configure Competencies

It gives us a clear picture of an employee based on their skills, behaviors and attitude – which are essential for business success. We can easily measure, rate and track competencies with the help of workday tools.
Competencies are organized by competency categories and those categories are organized by competency class.

                                                   Competency Category.                                                                                                                                       

NOTE– Competencies categories and classes are optional.

Proficiency Scale  and Rating Scale –

Proficiency scale and Rating Scale are the measuring scales which helps us to measure the Reviews within workday. The proficiency scales are only applicable to measure the ratings of competencies whereas the Rating scale applies to all other Review section types example – Goals, questions, overall.

Talent Reviews

How to capture Employees SKILLS AND ACCOMPLISHMENT
through Talent Reviews?

Talent Review BP triggers by (start performance review for employee/ organization)  -> HR can push this task -> Notification will send to the employees  .
TASK – Start performance review for employee
Start performance review for organization

It starts with building the template and then defining the Business Process.
TASK – Configure Employee Review Template
While configuring the template only we will be providing the review sections which are competencies, goals, questions, overall.


  • Talent Review Business Process is configurable.
  • Once we use the template for employee review we can’t make changes in the Review Section of template.

After the configuration of talent Review form, it can be initiated for a worker or Group of workers by Start perf review employee/ org task




It is used to ensure that performance and potential are continuously assessed properly across the organization

  • It Review all workers ratings.
  • Discuss and adjust those ratings if required.
  • They use the calibrated information to develop a plans that will effectively manage Talent.

NOTE – Performance Review calibration is different form Talent Review Calibration.

Succession Planning

The succession planning help us to identify the workers who can be moved to the key positions or job after the talent review is completed.

Firstly, it Identify the Key Positions by getting:
– What all positions are eligible for Succession?
– Which workers are candidates?

Secondly, it maintain levels of Readiness like
– Ready now
– Ready in 1 year

TASK – Maintain Readiness

Lastly FIND SUCCESSFUL PLANS – Which maintain the list of key positions, for which I like to manage the succession plan.

Before we create the succession plan we need to add the position in the list.
While creating the succession plan we need to identify the candidate.

TASK: – Create succession Plan/ Manage succession Plan
We can see the Succession Plan at Career tab in Worker Profile.



Track your configuration via Workday delivered Report

There are some workday delivered reports which will helps us to monitor the whole process of Talent Review in workday.
Talent Review Status Summary – shows key attributes of talent review Business Process and can help us to monitor the review process.
Employee Review Summary – A report for Managers or Talent admin to analyze the employee reviews.
Employee Review Template eligibility – This report will be helpful for checking the templates eligibility.

Author: Astha Verma
Workday Consultant

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