Duplicate Management Framework

Duplicate Management Framework

Workday provides us with the functionalities to identify potential duplicate records, this could include duplicate employee profiles, names, emails or other data entries.

With the help of this functionality we can easily identify duplicate records, with that we have certain sets of  match rules that helps us to merge all those records as per our need.

Here are the Set of steps if you want to access it in the tenant:

1-      Opt-in to duplicate management task:

This will provide you the access of Duplicate management functionalities.

Reminder: If you opt-in then you won’t be able to opt-out in the tenant.

Duplicate Management Framework
2- Manage Match rule task:

This will provide you with the set of match rule criteria or we can say the filter options to access duplicate records.

Duplicate Management Framework
3- Manage duplicate records

This report will help you to find set of records which are present in the tenant.
You can: 
i- Merge the duplicate records.
ii- Remove the duplicate records.

There you will find these sets of filter conditions to apply on the records to see the duplicate records precisely.

Duplicate Management Framework

4- Wanted to unmerge the records if it is already merged or merged by mistake, then go with “Manage candidate” report to unmerge.

Author: Astha Verma

Technology Analyst