Workday Help - Knowledge Management and Case Management

Workday Help – Knowledge Management and Case Management

Receiving comments and emails from employees who have questions about the procedure or anything else relevant to Workday? It is now time to stabilize it with the new feature known as knowledge management and case management in Workday. 

Knowledge Management :

A native knowledge base for creating, categorizing, maintaining, tracking, and securing content. As the singular, current, accurate, and authoritative version of the truth, the knowledge base powers the employee experience. 


User Experience: 

Can get the information they need from articles, and if it is not accessible in articles, they can create a case from the same page. 


Admin experience:

• Create articles that include external links, ideas for further pages connected to the primary subject, case tasks on the same page, and media like videos and photographs. 

• Can limit who creates which category articles 

• Can limit the audience depending on qualifying criteria 

Workday Help - i8Cloud

image from Workday Community. 

Case Management 

User Experience:

Allows employees to create HR cases and delivers a conversational experience between employees and HR personnel while the issue is resolved. 

Workday Help Knowledge Management and Case Management - i8Cloud
Admin Experience: 

• Create a case type (payroll, benefits, time and absence, etc.). 

• Create the role of case solver. 

• Create service teams, such as payroll, benefits etc. and assign case solver roles to them.   

• Route Case type to the service team, where admin may allocate cases to service team employees. 


Case Solver Experience:

• There will be action item triggered to case solver in inbox saying a case is assigned.

• Can communicate with the case Creator and give a solution, attach attachments if necessary, and drop an internal note to service team members that is not visible to the case creator. 

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Author: Kalyan Kumar

Workday Consultant at i8CLOUD

Source: Workday and Community